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Why We're Supporting Andy Kim for Congress

Diversity Declaration is promoting Andy Kim's exciting bid to be the next U.S. Representative from a swing District: New Jersey's Third.

Andy emerged quickly after the election of November 2016 as a progressive leader helping mobilize others past fear and despair on to constructive action and engagement in the political process.  Drawing on his experience and networks, in November 2016 he launched Rise Stronger, which has been a partner to our efforts at Diversity Declaration, and organized a major networking and mobilization event in conjunction with the Women's March on Washington.

NJ-3 is prime territory for our action:  in south-central New Jersey just outside Philadelphia, with people of color making up 19% of its population.  Andy's message, and ours, can reach the voters he needs to take the seat, if WE get involved and help him!

Republicans are focused on keeping Andy's opponent, incumbent Representative Tom MacArthur, in office. MacArthur led the Trump Adminstration’s attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act in 2017 and end requirements to cover pre-existing conditions. 

Andy is an Asian American candidate who grew up in NJ-3.  He is a Rhodes scholar. As a career public servant, Andy served two years in the Obama White House as Director for Iraq at the National Security Council, where he was a point person coordinating the global effort against the Islamic State. He had previously served in Kabul, Afghanistan as a U.S. diplomat and strategic adviser to Generals David Petraeus and John Allen. Andy also served in the Pentagon, the State Department, USAID and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

CNN, Cook Political and Inside Elections have downgraded MacArthur's chances of elections in the past two months.  Democrats now hold a 17,000 registered voters advantage over Republicans in the district, up 4,000 since 2016.  Public polls show Andy in the lead when poll respondents are informed of MacArthur's record on healthcare and taxes.  But the race is going to be a CLOSE one.  Every single door knocked, every phone call, every bit of voter contact will make a difference.  Think about what you can do to help us get this diversity champion into office in November!

 Want more info about this race?  Check out this excellent analysis from our friends at Swing Left!