The Diversity Declaration

Government of the People, by the People, and for the People

Thinking Ahead to November

With Conor Lamb's recent Congressional victory in Pennsylvania, Diversity Declaration sees the November 2018 mid-term elections as ripe for unexpected victories by untraditional candidates.  Watch this space in the coming months for reports about interesting candidates - and send us your ideas!  Our research volunteers are hard at work and would love insights on interesting candidates.

Our research shows that the southeast corner of Pennsylvania, around Philadelphia, might be our richest target for Diversity Declaration work and collaboration.  The recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling on illegal gerrymandering only increases the possibility of significant political change in that state. Five districts were previously identified as possible candidates for flipping; the court-ordered redrawing of the electoral districts could create more change. 

Maryland politicians could be good recruits for the Diversity Declaration given their senior status in the leadership and their ability to publicly advance more progressive policies and platforms. Maryland's Congressional District 6 will have an open seat, and our volunteers have already been busy engaging several of the primary candidates!

Want to help us select target races?  We'd love your help!  E-mail us at to get more involved.