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Andy Kim wins NJ's 3rd Congressional District - NJ's first Asian-American Congressman

Andy Kim won! His long-shot bid unseated a Republican incumbent and staunch Trump supporter, part of the wave of victories by Democrats that brought unprecedented diversity to national and state offices. Dozens of Diversity Declaration volunteers helped get out the vote for Andy, knocking on hundreds of doors, mailing over 550 postcards and making phone calls to voters in New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district.  

Andy Kim is New Jersey’s first Asian-American Congressman. The election saw a slew of firsts across the country: first Native American, Muslim, and Somali-American women elected to Congress; first openly gay governor; and first openly bisexual senator.  States and territories scored their own firsts: first woman governor (Guam), Latina women representatives (TX), female senator (TN), LGBTQI person elected to Congress (KS), and female Representatives (IA). 

As the Washington Post wrote, in the House of Representatives "The incoming lawmakers...are overwhelmingly white on the Republican side, with only one woman, while women and people of color are a majority of the newcomers on the Democratic side." 

Diversity Declaration is excited to begin working with Andy Kim to promote diversity in elected government.

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