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The Justice Department’s Reversal of the Texas ID Law

Today, the Trump Administration’s the Department of Justice reversed a nearly four year opposition to the Texas Voter ID Law that would require voters to present one of seven forms of ID. There is substantiated evidence that the law has clear intent to make it more difficult for minority voters in the state to vote.

According to the League of United Latin American Citizens’ President Roger Rocha, Jr., “The DOJ’s support has been a tremendous help, but the decision to change its legal position is not supported by any new evidence and is a complete contradiction to their previous stance.”

We cannot have a democracy that represents the people if segments of the population are not able to cast their vote, and we must be vigilant in taking action against laws that restrict voter access. To track voter ID laws, visit the National Conference of State Legislature page. If you see your state on the list of places that have increased voter ID restrictions, contact your state representative to let them know we need to make voting access available to all Americans.