The Diversity Declaration

Government of the People, by the People, and for the People

We are a group of concerned citizens who know that America's strength lies in our diversity. We come from all corners of the United States, both urban and rural. We are various races and of different ethnic backgrounds. We represent every major religion and some of us are atheists. We work in the public and private sectors. We are of various sexual orientations. But we all share an undying love for our beautifully diverse country and a real concern that the Trump administration's actions undermine the unity America finds in its unique diversity. And that's why we came together.  

We are an all volunteer efforts. Our lead volunteers are:


Coordinator:  Bama Athreya

Bama has been a leader in advocacy for workers' rights and for social and gender equity for more than 20 years. She previously served as Executive Director of the International Labor Rights Forum.  She also served as one of the founding Board members of the Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium, an entity working on ethical procurement with state and city governments.  She is a training facilitator on gender and social inclusion.

Communications Lead:  Lily Lopez McGee

Lily has worked in higher education on diversity and inclusion efforts for nearly a decade. She previously managed the Diversity Abroad Network, a professional network of institutions of higher education, and oversaw the development of the first assessment tool developed to evaluate diversity and inclusion efforts in study abroad offices at U.S. institutions.

Research Lead:  Harold Scott

Harold is a higher education professional and international affairs specialist.  Formerly director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for International Affairs at Howard University, Harold played an important role in the establishment of the Charles Rangel Fellowship program, launched to promote diversity in international affairs, and led the effort to establish the Donald Payne Fellowship.  Harold is also an accomplished landscape photographer and a passionate supporter of our national parks.

Our Advisors are:

M. Allyn Brooks-LaSure:  Allyn is Vice President for Communications at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.  He most recently served in domestic and overseas assignments as a U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Officer. Prior to joining the Foreign Service, Allyn served as deputy associate administrator for external affairs at the Environmental Protection Agency. Allyn has also served as spokesman for the National Prostate Cancer Coalition, and the Save Darfur Coalition.

Desiree Cormier:  Desirée is a Director of Allbright Stonebridge Group's Africa Practice, where she advises and assists clients on growth strategies across the African continent. Prior to joining ASG, she was a Foreign Service Officer with the US Department of State.

Bill Fletcher, Jr.:  Bill is the former president of TransAfrica Forum; a Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies; an editorial board member of; and in the leadership of several other projects connected to civic participation and social justice.  He is a syndicated columnist and a regular commentator on television, radio and social media.

Mark Harrison:  Mark is the Director of the Peace with Justice Program at the United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society, representing more than 14 million members nationwide.  Mark has been a lifelong advocate for social justice issues in the United States and around the world, and has led peace and justice work for the GBCS formore than two decades.

Krysta Jones:  Krysta is the founder and CEO of Virginia Leadership Institute, a training initiative dedicated to increasing the number of African Americans in elected office.  She is also a government relations representative for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and serves on the Arlington County Multicultural Advisory Commission.

Rashida Petersen:  Rashida is the founder and CEO of 1847 Philanthropic, an organization which strives to enhance the long-term viability and financial stability of indigenous organizations in developing countries.  She has previously worked at the US Department of Commerce, and at the Corporate Council on Africa.

Erika West:  Erika has worked in several roles in electoral politics, and is currently a Director at Raben Group, where she co-leads Raben engagements with Democracy In Color and Green 2.0, campaigns that push for increased diversity among national Democratic Party and environmental movement leadership, respectively.