The Diversity Declaration

Government of the People, by the People, and for the People

We are a group of concerned citizens who know that America's strength lies in our diversity. We come from all corners of the United States, and we represent diversity in all its forms. We share a vision of an inclusive America.


  1. Our government should be representative of us, all of us. 
  2. Respect for diversity in all its forms is critical to what makes us American.
  3. In an America where government is truly of the People, by the People and for the People.
  4. In the power that comes from bringing the spectrum of American experience to represent us in our communities, our cities, our states and our nation.

We therefore call on state and local elected officials to affirm the value of diversity through the following actions:

  1. Hold themselves accountable to ensuring diverse representation in their own staff appointments and hiring. 
  2. Track and seek measurable improvement in diversity in all agencies and offices, and across government. 
  3. Oppose barriers to diversity in government, including voting restrictions and/or redistricting efforts that dilute diverse representation.  


We will track your progress in achieving the measures above, and commit to holding up those champions of diversity, wherever they may be.