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AHCA Narrowly Passes in the House and is Bad News for Most Americans

Congress just voted for a bill that is not just bad policy, it negatively and disproportionately impacts women and the poor. The legislation made it through the House with a narrow majority even as several representatives who switched from no to yes confirmed they had not read the text in its entirety. This bill is not only a clear assault on access to critical healthcare needs, it's an affront to the values the US espouses to - integrity, common interest, and opportunity. 

While the legislation made it through the House there is still time to influence our senators. Call your senators and let them know their constituents don't support this bill. Remind them they serve the interests of the people who live in their state, and you (we) deserve better. Don't let your representatives off the hook. Give them a call, send them an email, and visit their offices. They were not elected to make their constituents worse off - they MUST do better.

Finally, talk to your friends and family. Make a plan and organize - this is the only way to make sure elected officials are accountable to their constituents. Make sure they hear from you!